Can I ship abroad? delivers all over the world. You just have to contact us by phone (02 51 68 68 49) in order to calculate the most suitable shipping price. I have a specific request to make. You can contact us for any specific requests by phone (02 51 68 68 49) or by email to Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h30 and from 14h to 18h30.

Why polycarbonate?
Polycarbonate windows have many advantages over glass and plexiglass or glass.
For example :
- Weight gain (around 50%) is immediately noticeable when the glass is replaced by polycarbonate.
- Polycarbonate resists shocks and avoids splinters.
- High transparency
- Anti-UV treatment on both sides
- High thermal resistance
- High resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents

How are your windows cut up?
All cuts are done with a digital milling machine of 3x2 meters. The cut is clean without burrs.

How to clean?
Start by cleaning with a jet of water to remove the dust. Do not use a rag that will scratch the glass. To finish, pass a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleansers or detergents or sharp items that may scratch.

How to install the windows?
Our windows are cut to the exact size of the glass of the original glass. You can use a windshield glue to make a joint and add self-drilling screws to hold the glass in place. Rivets should not be used to crush the glass, which would create microcracks that would become larger over time. You can also use targette.

I have a rare car or a modified car, do you make windows for my car?
We make windows for ANY vehicle. Contact us to discuss your request. If it's a modified version of a factory car, just tell us the difference between old and new windows and we'll make it If you have a custom built car, we can also make your windows.

Do you make all the thicknesses or hue?
Our site displays prices for windows in 3 or 5mm, for transparent polycarbonate treated with anti-UV 2 faces and anti-scratch polycarbonate (Margard). But we can make all windows in other thickness but also tinted bronze or gray.