Plates on demand :
We cut rectangles or any shape according to the desired dimensions and / or plan
Here are the rates including :
* Polycarbonate Makrolon® or Lexan® UV traited 2-sides - TRANSPARENT
- 3mm : 75€/m²
- 5mm : 127€/m²
* Polycarbonate Makrolon® or Lexan® UV traited 2-sides – Teinté BRONZE (fumé) ou GRIS :
- 3mm : 101/m²
- 5mm : 171/m²
* Margard type Polycarbonate traited with anti scratch :
- 3mm : 179€/m²
- 5mm : 259€/m²

Véhicule absent du catalogue ?
If you can not find your car on our website, please contact us enveloppe.jpg so that we can provide you a price according to your needs.

Specific cutting on your windows :
It is possible to cut any shape to bring or evacuate air. Contact us enveloppe.jpg.